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Postby Hank_TheTank » Sun Jun 12, 2016 1:49 pm

Since I was 16, I've bought and sold over 13 cars, (with plenty of "your wasting your money" from the parents). My last car before my Hummer was a 2011 BMW 328i that the Washington State Patrol loved a little too much (4 speeding violations). My insurance went through the roof and to craigslist it went. I picked up my 2006 Hummer H3 from a dealership here in Seattle,Wa with just under 127,000 with not to many mods besides some wheels and some maxed-out cv axle angles.

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Driving it back to school, the CV axles had enough and shattered to pieces. I threw some new half-shafts and the lasted about 4 miles before shattering too. I had it towed back to my college town of Ellensburg, Wa. Population around 16,000 with one of the only mechanics I trusted with all my cars. Now granted I could've just threw some stock wheels and cranked the torsion bars back down, but this Hummer deserved more than that. The next day i pushed through an order for a 4inch Rancho lift and some RS9000XL shocks 8) Chris the mechanic installed every component over the next week, it would have been sooner but of course little things always come up (wheel spacers, factory torsion keys..) He ended up charging me only ~8 hours labor!

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Since then the mods have not stopped and i don't see an end anytime soon! Between home and college is a mountain pass that Hank is not too fond of, kind of embarrassing to stick behind the 18 wheelers with their 4 way flashers on... So to the internet I went. The little 3.5 needed help and the performance mods seem to be hidden and scarce. The first purchase was towards Mesa Blackworks custom long tube headers (no cats- sorry earth I had to). Following right behind was a magnaflow catback exhaust that amazon magically had IN STOCK ... The search for exhaust seemed almost endless as every manufacture was on back order for another month or longer! I also sent in an order to AirDocs and found a clip-on Air-Raid intake system for cheap on Ebay. I had Chris the mechanic install the headers (after they finally arrived) and exhaust and I installed the AirDoc and intake system. When Chris tore out the factory header, it was cracked badly and two bolts on the head had missing heads :up: so I finally had a good reason for this ginormous purchase! While the exhaust components were installed I had the computer shipped to the guys at PCM of NC where they tuned it to 91 octane, catless exhaust, speedo adjusted, and all to the remaining mods. I also had an exhaust guy in town tear out the second cat and factory-smashed pipe to a matching T-304 exhaust tube with the exhaust sensor still incorporated. This thing finally has umph!!! I cannot stop noticing how much more power it has, especially on the highway. No more constantly shifting down to 3rd gear to stay at speed or killing itself up the mountain pass. It has a nice deep tone, not like a v8 but more than expected for the inline-5. I don't have many pics (for now) because my Iphone decided to stop focusing the camera... I try to take pics from the front camera but its harder than expected haha.

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I will be in Dallas this summer for an internship and I will be bored out of my mind so hopefully there is an off road meet or two! A bunch more mods are to come. Right now he is in a shop in California waiting to have the rear axle pinon seal replaced after spewing oil all over during the 1st leg of the road trip down to Texas. Im also installing a secondary transmission cooler and fan in an attempt to keep the temps down in Texas and I plan on installing the black powder coated hoodlouvers by next paycheck :yup:
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Re: Hank The Tank

Postby Mark » Mon Jun 13, 2016 7:57 am

Welcome to HXC and congratulations on the H3. You done some nice mods so far and look forward to seeing what you do with it moving forward. Keep an eye out for events this summer in TX.
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