NVTR 2008 Postponed till Spring

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NVTR 2008 Postponed till Spring

Postby H1Slantback » Fri Sep 05, 2008 11:10 am

Here's the E-Mail I received-
Dear NVTR Participants & Hopeful's;

Rob (aka Pyro) and I were in Nevada this past weekend laying out the course for the 2008 event. That's the good news...

The bad news is Rob Whitaker, www.offroadexperience.com
#2 man was injured late Saturday afternoon, the result is a broken right foot with will require surgery!

As usual we don't do anything normal, we staked this section via dirtbikes! Coming up a "low-range" (for you) grade we were having to really work the bikes to get up, soft dirt and rocks everywhere! LOL. Would have been easier in the D90 (but we just got the new 4.6L motor in and had no break-in time - look out Walker!) ... Anyway, I got crab tracing in a section for 600 feet, Pyro slowed as I did my thing then proceeded only to catch his foot and dump it. I was up top calling him on the radio, told me his right foot hurt like hell and "I'm being a wimp!" LOL. Always a giggle, he wasn't joking. That said he picked up the bike and KICK STARTED it and tried to get going, digging in the rear tire, hence had to push with the engine going then get on. Higher up the poor little 200 had it's tongue out and died... after a rest I helped him get started and up the mountain (over 7000ft). At the summit we had to deal with high winds of 80 to 100 mph!!!
Got Pyro watered up and back on his bike for the long and rough decent to our van. After thought we left the boot on and called Todd Rueppel (firefighter) for advise... boot stayed on for the ride back to hotel (no I'm not telling you where we stayed! Geeze...). On the way we stopped and I put out 4 more sticks on foot, making a total of 16.
Boot off showed a bruise on the right instep. Drugs and ice kept swelling down, but he had a rough time walking. X-rays Sunday PM showed a broken foot, one that will require work!! OUCH!! Hats off to Pyro for getting out of the mountains and back to the van! Had you seen it, you'd be amazed!

And... poor me has a blown disc in my lower back, the bad part hitting & pinching my spinal cord! Aint I a dumass for being out there play enduro rider. snap, I rode a Motocross in April (2nd in Expert class after not racing in 2 years!). Racer mentality!

Bottom line is we are short crew, it was Pyro and I (April volunteered, but with us two on dirt bikes it wasn't wise to bring her. Thanks April!) In the past we've had a great crew, but things have changed, jobs, health, etc and made if difficult for others. Thanks to all ORE Crew, past & present.

Brass Tacks: NVTR2008 is not being cancelled, but POSTPONED to Spring 2009. We're thinking March or April... get you 2-cents in ASAP, before I make a date. Also send conflicts asap.

Sponsor: This past Friday we stopped to see a company interested in supporting NVTR (they came to us!), looks good so far... IF it happens then we will start from their location.

In closing, Please call hotel in Lovelock and cancel your reservations asap.

Sorry to you all we had to do this, but I had no other choice, I just couldn't put out all the marks solo, too time consuming (and dangerous).

We have NOT cashed any checks... so please credit your checkbook and we will destroy them. Once we have a new date we'll need new paperwork (because of dates). Sorry.

More as soon as I have it.

Michael Green

Actually its a good thing. Had a team shake up at the last minute so this will give us more time to "Train". I would really like to get a few more teams together. Its not hardcore offroading. More stragdey and planning involved then anything.
The extra time will give us more pre running. We can train anywhere. Com'on people lets support the club and bring home the throphy 8)
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Re: NVTR 2008 Postponed till Spring

Postby Bellvis » Fri Sep 05, 2008 11:22 am

Wow that sux. :/

So because one guy breaks his foot, the race is cancelled? :duh:
Miss you Rich! Thank's for all the memories!
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Re: NVTR 2008 Postponed till Spring

Postby PhilD » Fri Sep 05, 2008 11:29 am

H1Slantback wrote:Actually its a good thing. Had a team shake up at the last minute so this will give us more time to "Train".
That's the way, look on the bright side :)

A bit of anti climax though I'm sure, but at least it gives you plenty of time now.
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Re: NVTR 2008 Postponed till Spring

Postby Seth » Fri Sep 05, 2008 4:32 pm

Bellvis wrote:Wow that sux. :/

So because one guy breaks his foot, the race is cancelled? :duh:

I know, I thought it was strange too. I guess this is a two guy operation. :duh:
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