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Postby PhilD » Tue Jul 11, 2006 10:26 am

Welcome to the HXC Forum. We don't have many rules here, just a few that should help keep the forum in the spirit it was intended to be.

1. Content
This site is visited by people of all ages, dealers and their customers, so please keep the content family friendly. Adult humor and the like is fine, but pics of porn, etc, are not welcome. Use common sense.

2. Personal Comments
Personal attacks against anybody will not be tolerated. If you have personal issues with someone, leave them at the door.

3. Other Forums
Do not post negative comments about other forums. Visiting other forums to attack them or to promote this forum will not be tolerated.

4. Multiple Usernames
People using multiple user names will find all of them will be disabled.

We haven't had to moderate the forum to any extent so far, but will do if it is necessary.

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