Hello from PA/MD border!

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Hello from PA/MD border!

Postby FieroGT-Top » Sat Jun 14, 2014 7:53 am

Hello everyone! First post here! Woohoo! As of now I don't have a H3, but there is one locally that has caught my attention. I've always liked the looks of a Hummer H3, but the prices have been high, now used ones are becoming much more affordable. I do drive a '00 Xterra SE V6 as my second car, or mainly for winter and snow. I do travel to Deep Creek Lake, MD for skiing and I live on top of a mountain, so 4WD is an absolute must. I've had the Xterra for 10 years now and it's been amazing. With weight over the rear tires and snow tires, the Xterra doesn't care how much snow is on the ground. The Xterra runs and drives great, only 109K, but it's got the standard manifold crack, and rear main seal leak. A/C works when it wants to, and the brakes need replacing. The worst is that it's got no power. OMG it can't get out of its own way. I could just repair everything and I'd be perfectly happy, or I could upgrade. The H3 that I'm looking at is a '07 all black. No chrome anywhere, which I really like. Just shy of 90k miles and a 5-speed. Dealer is asking $14900. I did stop by and check it out, tires look like they need replacing, and there's a nail sticking into one of them. Other than that it looks great. Didn't test-drive it but I might in a few weeks. Does that seem like a good price? What should I look out for with this H3? Most importantly, how are the H3's in the snow with the 5-speed? Thank you for reading and I appreciate any guidance and advice! :)
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Re: Hello from PA/MD border!

Postby Mark » Fri Jul 11, 2014 8:40 am

Welcome to HXC and good luck finding the H3 for you. I have not priced them in a while but that seems about right from what I have heard. Does somewhat depend on what options it has though. If you really want a 5 speed they are few and far between so you might have to take what you can get.
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