wireing extra lights (LED/Strobes)

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wireing extra lights (LED/Strobes)

Postby Fireman01 » Tue Jun 21, 2016 11:55 am

Ok here is my dilemma I already have the light installed but I am not happy with the job I have done to far as routing the wiring. From the battery to switches, currently 100% of the wires run from the battery with an inline fuse for each light. I have the wiring running down and across the driver side fender then dropping into inner finder and into the cabin through the hole where the wires go through from the driver’s side door just under parking brake. In the engine compartment, I have the wires covered in that black plastic loom covering keeping things neat and clean as possible. I have not any short problems as of yet but that is a lot wires in hole not designed for it. I do have pic but every time I try to load them, it says they are to large not sure how a camera on phone makes pic's to large.

I am a bit PC challenged so if I can get this whole pic thing figured out I post them up.
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