Hummer Window Tint in Texas

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Hummer Window Tint in Texas

Postby TexasStorm » Fri Aug 01, 2014 11:45 am

Ok - I am sure there is a thread on this somewhere. I just purchased an 07 H2 SUT, and the inspection place (in texas) will not pass the inspection. They say the window tint is too dark. The windows still have the factory tint seal in the lower right corner which says GM 70% blah blah blah.... I do not know if the window has the tint in the glass or what GM did, I am clueless. From what I read, 70% should not be as dark as mine are... mine you can see in them from the outside 0% and you can see out of them without any trouble at all, they hardly look tinted when looking out from the inside (I do not know how tint works or how they can be so black on the outside and appear to have no tint on the inside)

my first question is this: if the window says 70% then does that mean there is 30 % visibility?

second question: when reading the texas rules it appears that everything is talking about "the tint when added to the original glass has to be 25%.. blah blah" but tint was not added to the original glass... I can't find "original glass" rules.... so does tint law only apply to tint added after market, and original glass is exempt?

third question.... why is it that I can see in my truck from the outside 0% and I can see outside from the inside as if there is hardly any tint at all on it? what makes this difference? I ask because I was told that you should be able to see in as well as you can out......

sorry for so many questions..... I am irritated with the inspection guy and now I need to look up rules on smoked out light covers.... he says they are tinted and they do not have tint on them... and from what I read it does not matter what is on them, the question is with visibility up to X amount of feet away...... does anyone know anything more on this?

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Re: Hummer Window Tint in Texas

Postby Mark » Fri Aug 01, 2014 3:54 pm

Congratulations on the new to you H2. Are all windows the say, for example does the driver door tint looks the same as the driver side rear door? Hummers would have come with factory tint on the rear doors and cargo area windows from the factory. I believe this is normally a 20% tint but could be wrong on that. A previous owner might have installed tint over the factory tint of the rear windows then a different % on the front door windows to match it making them took dark according to the law. Here in FL the law is 30% if I recall correctly but I always have mine done to match the factory tint of the other windows at 20%. At that level it's slightly darker than legal but close enough that I have never been hassled if an officer has every even noticed. Sounds like yours is more like 10%. I know when I recently had my DD tint the tinter accidentally did the first window with 15%. It looked great but was obviously darker than legal.
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Re: Hummer Window Tint in Texas

Postby B-HMMWV » Sun Sep 20, 2015 9:35 am

Julie, it sounds to me like you need to take it to a different shop! I also live in TX, and took my Grandparent's brand new Chrysler 300 (took delivery from the dealer 2 weeks before, so everything's stock) to get inspected, and it didn't pass for the same reason as yours. Took the car to a different shop down the street, and it passed with flying colors.

1) What town in Texas are you located in? (I'm in both the Dallas and Houston areas)

2) Are you interested in joining the Hummer X Club? It's a blast for people of all ages, and we have one lonely female SUT driver in the Texas chapter that could use a friend!
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