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I need guidance

Postby stewartb109 » Wed Nov 06, 2013 12:32 am

Hey guys, I am looking to pick up a 4x4 vehicle (Overlanding, and general rough terrain. NO ROCK CRAWLING) and I really need some guidance before I go completely insane. It seems the more I dig and research the worse everything gets.. so, please help.

1. I need 4x4 and I would like to stay within the SUV class. I have looked at Land Rovers (I like Discos / LR3's), Hummer (H3), Jeep Wrangler (Prefer Unlimited), and FJ's. Are there any others I should be looking at since I am not rock crawling?

2. Cost -- I am looking at used (or new if its within reason) and would prefer not to spend any more than $25,000. This is to keep monthly payments at or under $300 a month. I would be putting about $8,000 down (or more if its really worth it)

3. Reliability. Hummers and Land Rovers come in at the cheapest out of all of the vehicles I have looked at, but apparently the cost of repairs and frequency of stuff breaking is high. Here is where most of my frustration comes into play. When I first started looking at these vehicles they came highly rated in capability and reliability. However the more I looked around and dug deep into forums, it seemed they where cheap to buy, but broke a lot and repairs are insane in cost. How true is this? Should I avoid both?

4. Fuel / MPG / Engine. I am looking for something that will last (my civic has 154K miles on it), and preferably get an alright MPG. Again, when I first started looking into the H3, it was looking like most where getting 20-25 MPG once they replaced the Cold Air with something like AirDoc / K&N, however digging deeper it looks like on average its 13-18 tops even stock (I plan on going 35'' tires, MAYBE a roof rack, snorkel, brush bar, spare, with weapons / ammo / ect). What vehicle is getting the most out of the MPG with the add ons?

5. Add Ons. I would like the ability to add a Brush Bar (I hear ARB is the best), Roof Rack, Snorkel, and bigger tires without the need of a lift kit. So aside from the Wrangler, do they all have a good variety / ability to mount these things? It seems Land Rover has some of the smallest pool of options.

Thanks guys for putting up with my newbie questions. I appreciate any and all input / feedback.
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