Help a Soldier out....ugh

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Help a Soldier out....ugh

Postby johnlu69 » Sat Dec 10, 2016 11:07 am

Good Morning Everyone dont know where to start, i just let go of my 08 tahoe to our daughter to help them out with having no vehicle, but as i did my 08 Hummer H3 has been acting up the last cpl of days. i took it to get it diagnosed the guy told me it had like 25 codes that popped up on it. he would charge me 120 more to let me know exactly whats wrong with it , but i had problems before with this vehicle. traction failed, tpm, lost of power, i had it in a cpl of shops before but they couldnt figure it out back then but now it wouldnt get out of gear it was hard, plus gear marker was jumping all over the place, plus shows traction failed, and check eng light is on now. this morning when i took it to Autozone it only showed Lost Communication with TCM. so can some one please help me out. short on funds right now. and really dont want to take it to the shop just a waste of money to me. lost I WAS GONNNA POST PICS BUT FILE TO BIG AND IM NOT SURE HOW TO DO IT SMALLER SORRY
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Re: Help a Soldier out....ugh

Postby Mark » Sat Dec 10, 2016 7:16 pm

Go back to auto zone and ask them to pull the codes for you. If you can post them here it will be a lot easier to help diagnose the issues. I would never go back to that shop again. He had already pulled the codes so why charge $120 more just to tell you what he already knew.
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Re: Help a Soldier out....ugh

Postby BruceS » Sun Dec 11, 2016 8:39 am

Get your own obdII scanner. They are not much and are plugnplay.

While your at it change your battery terminals if you have not already done so. This is a culprit of many electronic gremlins.
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Re: Help a Soldier out....ugh

Postby f5fstop » Sun Dec 11, 2016 9:04 am

I will agree with all, get our own scanner and in fact they have scanners that connect via bluetooth to a smart phone. And yes, battery cables supplied from the factory are notoriously a piece of (dog) poop.
Then with your new scanner, record all the codes (not sure if with 25 codes this is necessary but ok to do it anyway). Then take your battery cables and see if you can turn them side-to-side on the battery terminals. If so, tighten the terminal nuts as tight as possible and then see if they turn them on the battery terminals. If they are now tight (and I might note that make sure the terminals are clean), with your new scanner ERASE all codes. Start the engine and see if any of the problems have gone away. Then drive it about five minutes or longer after the engine has warmed up (this will allow the computer to set any engine cycle codes), and see if the service engine light comes on; if yes go home and check codes and record then get back here, if no, check for codes anyway.

Now, it that did the trick it is NOT a bad idea to replace those funky factory installed battery terminals with new heavy duty clamp type or even some of the fancier ones that are really just a waste of money. The factory installed clamps on the battery terminals tend to come loose over a period of time due to the design which is similar to a conduit clamp.

If none of this works, might want to check at the main ground of the battery neg cable to the body.

Good luck...
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