95 hummer lost over drive

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95 hummer lost over drive

Postby Michaelsbillings » Sun Sep 13, 2015 9:07 pm

While this doesn't seem to be a new topic I can't find post exactly similar to mine.
Last month I drove the truck from Illinois to west Texas. The first 15 hours went smooth as silk. We avg 65 mph and stopped every 3 hrs for a break. 2/3 into the trip we started losing OD 150 miles into a tank of gas. We would pullover, take a 45 min break, refuel then continue. 2/3 into the trip we hit traffic in Dallas. The truck stalled and wouldn't start. We let it sit for an hour and limped it into a hotel 5 miles away. The next morning it ran 60mph no problem for about 100 miles. Then it started losing power, it would max out at 50, so we too a break. Going up hills it would go to a crawl. It finally maxed it's speed out at 40. I towed it the last 160 miles. Since then, I've replaced the sensors on the transfer case and the tp sensor. It's shifts smoothly up to 3rd gear. When driving cold it will get up to 55 mph once it warms up to driving temp it won't go past 40 and loses power on hills. If left on, the truck will stall like in Dallas. Engine seem to run smooth, oil and antifreeze are at normal level. I'm at a loss and a bit anxious to take it to a shop out in west Texas (midland) any ideas?

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