FOTR June 26 Workday Signups

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FOTR June 26 Workday Signups

Postby HummBebe » Sun Jun 06, 2010 8:44 pm

Loon Lake Inter-tie Drainage Project
WORKDAY June 26 8:30AM - 4:00PM

We will need 100 volunteers

This project will be centered around the California Geological Survey map. Eldorado County DOT will be defining the work to be done from Loon Lake to Ellis Creek/WWS "Y".

At present there are 20-30 drainage structures noted on this 2 mile section of trail. The ECDOT will be delivering the rock needed for this project.

Logs from Friends of Eldorado's Fitch Rantz project will be used to build the drainage structures.

The SEE Truck - a Unimog purchased for use on the Rubicon Trail using a grant $$'s from OHMVR - applied for by the Rubicon Trail Foundation will be on hand to do the digging of the drainage structures.

Our job will be to transport rock and logs to each of the identified sites, and install the logs and rock and form the drainage structures. We will break off into groups of 10 teams of ten people, being led by 3 Group leaders (3 teams each).

We will need trailers to haul logs and rock, chainsaws to fit the logs into the ditches dug by the SEE Truck, shovels and digging bars to fine tune the structures.

The Rockheads will be on for some Awesome Chow as usual!! Camp will be set up at Airport Flat Campground off Wentworth Springs Road. Most will be arriving Friday night - or you can meet us Saturday Morning at the Loon Lake Kiosk.

And our workdays will feature a new aspect:

A 4 Wheel Parts Wholesalers Raffle!!!

All work day participants will be entered into a 4 wheel parts raffle (Sponsored by the Mountain Transit Authority) to be held after dinner at FOTR Camp. YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN!!

Please sign up in this thread - or send me an e-mail at bebehumr at gmail dot com, our e-sign up sheet is not working yet.

Please let me know what type of rig you are bringing, what tools you will be bringing, or if you have a trailer.

But most importantly - let me know how many people are coming with you!! - chow boss has to have a number to make sure everyone gets chow.

And remember - dinner is free, yummy, and paid for by the Rubicon Trail Foundation through your tax deductible donations 8)

Tell a friend, Pass it around, Facebook, Twitter, etc!


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Re: FOTR June 26 Workday Signups

Postby Sewie » Mon Jun 07, 2010 12:16 am

Can't make it. I'll be in China (19th-2nd) for work.

I'm going to try to make at least one of the weekends. But it's a busy summer for me as you know. ;)
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