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Tellico Trail Closure Coverage

Postby 006h3 » Fri Apr 17, 2009 2:50 pm ... 93&catid=2

From one of the reader's comments:
"Now here’s the catcher. According to TU and the Forestry Service this is all about saving the Brook Trout. Brook Trout is the native fish of the streams of Tellico. They grow to a length of about 5 inches. Now keep in mind the Forestry Service stocks these streams with trout from the hatchery. Guess what species of trout are released? Rainbow and Brownies. That’s right, two (non-native) species of trout that pray on the native Brook trout. Now does that sound right? Last year the Tennessee Forest Service released 75,000 Rainbow and Brown trout into the streams of Tellico which eat the native Brook trout and yet the trails are endangering the Brook trout?"
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Re: Tellico Trail Closure Coverage

Postby Mark » Fri Apr 17, 2009 3:07 pm

OMG :wall: :wall: :wall:
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Re: Tellico Trail Closure Coverage

Postby Alan00HMCO » Fri Apr 17, 2009 7:31 pm

Yep all of us Fisherman/Wheelers have been saying that for years. Their weak argument is that the brookies live farther up the streams than the german browns and 'bows. Bul5hit! The small browns and bows go up there when they are little and compete w/ their food. In the East private land is the way to go. There are hardly any public trails left and there is so much bs to put up with its not worth it.
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