Anyone actually use bluetooth with their phone?

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Anyone actually use bluetooth with their phone?

Postby JasperParsons » Mon Jan 14, 2013 5:12 pm

So my son decided to give me his over used iPhone. Took me a week or two to figure out how exactly it all works, but its pretty great. I gave up my old samsung flip phone for it, but the headset i use while on the road does not work. In my search for a new headset my son mentioned im here asking. Ive seen a few of you out there with these things in your ears...are they worth it? Do they work good? easy to use? I noticed they have speaker phones as well, i have been eyeing this Jabra Cruiser speakerphone, just wanted some advice before i bought something i know nearly nothing about!
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Re: Anyone actually use bluetooth with their phone?

Postby f5fstop » Mon Jan 14, 2013 7:40 pm

Without a bluetooth device, I only use my Droid for very short calls. I used to use a Motorola H710 which was excellent, but after a few years the battery won't hold a charge. Two months ago purchased a Jabra bluetooth unit and it seems to be ok. Biggest problem with most bluetooth devices is on the other end. A cheap unit will cause the other person to hear an echo. That echo is terrible on some devices. Have a friend who calls me on some type of bluetooth device that causes an echo in my ear and I tell her to shut the bluetooth down.

I also use a bluetooth device in my car through my Pioneer (it is part of the pioneer navigation unit. The best unit is on my 2013 Silverado through the Onstar module. That unit is fantastic.
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Re: Anyone actually use bluetooth with their phone?

Postby RKSmith163 » Mon Jan 14, 2013 8:14 pm

I use the factory Bluetooth in my H3 when I am driving alone which is most of the time. If I have passengers I don't use it. If you have the OnStar hands free activated, the contacts voice commands will cross over to the Bluetooth. I have never used the earbud type so I am no help on that question.
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