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X-ROCKS 2006
Katemcy Rocks, Texas
June 24-25, 2006

Seventeen vehicles made it out to X-ROCKS 2006 in the Texas Hill Country, for some first class wheelin'.

We had people from all parts of Texas, one from as far as Las Vegas, and a vehicle from Mississippi.

For those not familiar with Katemcy Rocks, it is 800 acres of first class rock crawling in the Texas Hill Country, ran by a great group of people.

Day 1 saw everyone tackle the "mild" Aggie Highway. Which was spiced up with some seriously heavy rain and flash flooding!

In the afternoon, one group tackled the Waterfall trail, although only one vehicle made it down the actual Waterfall due to the wet conditions. The other group tackled Cotton Bales.

At the end of Day 1, every one was tired, but all were smiling!

Day 2 saw everyone tackle the Back Breaker trail, although only three vehicles went up the main trail, with the rest heading on through Back Breaker towards the Waterfall.

There was some serious banging and scraping of metal along this trail, and one or two interesting moments!

Everyone came down Waterfall, again with a couple more interesting moments!

A very big thanks goes to the Katemcy Rocks staff for their help, guidance and patience.

Thanks also to the Hummer X Club "yellow shirts" for keeping everyone moving and out of trouble.

The biggest thanks goes to everyone that attended, who made this such a great event. Thank you. It will definitely find place on the annual event calendar.

aggie_highway_001.jpg aggie_highway_002.jpg aggie_highway_003.jpg aggie_highway_004.jpg aggie_highway_005.jpg aggie_highway_006.jpg
aggie_highway_007.jpg aggie_highway_008.jpg aggie_highway_009.jpg aggie_highway_010.jpg aggie_highway_011.jpg aggie_highway_012.jpg
aggie_highway_013.jpg aggie_highway_014.jpg aggie_highway_015.jpg aggie_highway_016.jpg aggie_highway_017.jpg aggie_highway_018.jpg
aggie_highway_019.jpg aggie_highway_020.jpg aggie_highway_021.jpg aggie_highway_022.jpg aggie_highway_023.jpg aggie_highway_024.jpg
aggie_highway_025.jpg aggie_highway_026.jpg aggie_highway_027.jpg aggie_highway_028.jpg aggie_highway_029.jpg aggie_highway_030.jpg
aggie_highway_031.jpg aggie_highway_032.jpg aggie_highway_033.jpg aggie_highway_034.jpg aggie_highway_035.jpg aggie_highway_036.jpg
aggie_highway_037.jpg aggie_highway_038.jpg aggie_highway_039.jpg aggie_highway_040.jpg aggie_highway_041.jpg aggie_highway_042.jpg
aggie_highway_043.jpg aggie_highway_044.jpg aggie_highway_045.jpg aggie_highway_046.jpg aggie_highway_047.jpg aggie_highway_048.jpg
aggie_highway_049.jpg aggie_highway_050.jpg aggie_highway_051.jpg aggie_highway_052.jpg aggie_highway_053.jpg aggie_highway_054.jpg
backbreaker_001.jpg backbreaker_002.jpg backbreaker_003.jpg backbreaker_004.jpg backbreaker_005.jpg backbreaker_006.jpg
backbreaker_007.jpg backbreaker_008.jpg backbreaker_009.jpg backbreaker_010.jpg backbreaker_011.jpg backbreaker_012.jpg
backbreaker_013.jpg backbreaker_014.jpg backbreaker_015.jpg backbreaker_016.jpg backbreaker_017.jpg backbreaker_018.jpg
backbreaker_019.jpg backbreaker_020.jpg backbreaker_021.jpg backbreaker_022.jpg backbreaker_023.jpg backbreaker_024.jpg
backbreaker_025.jpg backbreaker_026.jpg backbreaker_027.jpg backbreaker_028.jpg backbreaker_029.jpg backbreaker_030.jpg
backbreaker_031.jpg backbreaker_032.jpg backbreaker_033.jpg backbreaker_034.jpg backbreaker_035.jpg backbreaker_036.jpg
backbreaker_037.jpg backbreaker_038.jpg backbreaker_039.jpg backbreaker_040.jpg backbreaker_041.jpg backbreaker_042.jpg
backbreaker_043.jpg backbreaker_044.jpg backbreaker_045.jpg backbreaker_046.jpg backbreaker_047.jpg backbreaker_048.jpg
backbreaker_049.jpg cottonbales_001.jpg cottonbales_002.jpg cottonbales_003.jpg cottonbales_004.jpg cottonbales_005.jpg
waterfall_001.jpg waterfall_002.jpg waterfall_003.jpg waterfall_004.jpg waterfall_005.jpg waterfall_006.jpg
waterfall_007.jpg waterfall_008.jpg waterfall_009.jpg waterfall_010.jpg waterfall_011.jpg waterfall_012.jpg
waterfall_013.jpg waterfall_014.jpg waterfall_015.jpg waterfall_016.jpg waterfall_017.jpg waterfall_018.jpg
waterfall_019.jpg waterfall_020.jpg waterfall_021.jpg waterfall_022.jpg waterfall_023.jpg waterfall_024.jpg
waterfall_025.jpg waterfall_026.jpg waterfall_027.jpg waterfall_028.jpg waterfall_029.jpg waterfall_030.jpg
waterfall_031.jpg waterfall_032.jpg waterfall_033.jpg waterfall_034.jpg waterfall_035.jpg waterfall_036.jpg
waterfall_037.jpg waterfall_038.jpg waterfall_039.jpg waterfall_040.jpg waterfall_041.jpg waterfall_042.jpg
waterfall_043.jpg waterfall_044.jpg waterfall_045.jpg waterfall_046.jpg waterfall_047.jpg waterfall_048.jpg
waterfall_049.jpg waterfall_050.jpg waterfall_051.jpg waterfall_052.jpg waterfall_053.jpg waterfall_054.jpg
waterfall_055.jpg waterfall_056.jpg        

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