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Hummer X Club @ DEVIL'S DEN
June 25, 2005

Fourteen vehicles (3 H1's, 5 H2's, 4 Jeeps, 1 pickup and a Discovery) braved the Texas Summer heat for a great day of wheelin'. We had some new faces with us and some old ones back again.

Tim's Rock was conquered again by an H2 and a Jeep and almost conquered by a H1 and a stock Rubicon, the newly landscaped Launch Pad was successfully tackled by a H2 and two Jeeps, the Rock Garden saw some H1, H2 and Jeep action, and a great time was had by all.

The day finished at Picture Rock at 3:00pm.

H2 gets some air

H1 gets some air
The first obstacle of the day was Tim's Rock. After one Jeep successfully tackled it, followed by a H2, a H1 and stock Rubicon tried, but couldn't quite just make it.

A new obstacle was tackled over by the Launch Pad and succesfully completed by a H1's, H2's and Jeep's.

An H2 made it all the way through the Rock Garden relatively easily and several H1's tackled the first half of the Rock Garden.

All the other usual obstacles, like the Waterfall and Picture Rock were tackled very easily by everyone.

Apart from the usual rock rash and brush marks, there was some minor damage on this trip. The Rubicon lost it's front locker, one H2 side swiped a tree, and one H2 needed a "roadside" alignment to get home.

A big thanks to everyone that came out and made this a great and enjoyable day of wheelin'. Special thanks to Seth for his work in keeping everything moving and to Bill for his spotting and trail guide work.

Rubicon gets some air
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